FZ-S V3 – V4 |No Slider-Crash Gaurd

4585 incl. GST

FZ-V3|No Slider-Crash Gaurd – Designed as a four-part assembly. Material specification details- Bottom crash guard  1″ dia 16 gauge mild steel machine bent, upper crash guard 7/8 ” dia  18 gauge. Powder-coated paint in black | The installation process is very easy and can be done with simple tools.



Why No Slider? -The sliders work well in conditions where you slide while you crash. Off-road crashes and street crashes usually differ in terms of speed and impact on surface, by this protection for bikes also differs. Since sliders work well on tarmac, we can’t plan our crashes every time there on a particular surface. because off-road surfaces are soft, a single point of contact like a slider would “dig in” and increase the probability the bike could begin Flipp, which in turn increases violent impacts during the crash.

About SIRA NoSlider-Crash Guard – Important points are considered are, Keeping engine and radiator parts off the ground from unintentional dropping or falling. It will give full access to any common maintenance and don’t have to remove the crash guard for regular wrenching work, cornering or ground clearance and cling tightly to the bike profile without compromising its function.

Installation is very simple and can be completed with simple tools at home in the DIY (Do It Yourself) method.


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