Apache RTR 200 4V | Rear Rack for Luggage Bags and Top Box

2580 incl. GST

Apache RTR 200 4V  Rear Rack designed and developed by SIRA motoparts .
Installation is very simple and can be completed with minimum skill levels at home in DIY (Do It Yourself) method, using simple tools.


Apache RTR 200 4V – Rear Racks for extra luggage bags and top box –  designed and developed by SIRA moto parts with premium quality finish,material selection and grade based  on the load limit and top box volume, it is 3 part assembly top rack and 2 side stay- ¾”  diameter 16 gauge mild steel tube. Powder-coated, suitable for exposed weather and rust free for long-term – available in black glossy finishing. Pillion raider’s comfort is considered a high priority in the design process itself.
Installation is simple, it can be completed with simple tools at home  DIY (Do It Yourself) method.

Note: Recommended Load limit 5 to 8 kg on stable road condition – strictly not recommended for adding pillion.

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Weight 1.3 kg


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