NS 200 BJ-402 | New Rear Rack for Soft Bags and Top Box

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NS 200 |New Rear Rack| BJ-402, a simple fixing design no additional accessories are required,  fitted with existing original 4 bolt.

Easy and simple installation, it can be completed with simple tools at home 13mm spanner in DIY (Do It Yourself) method, without any additional modification on the bike.

Note: Suitable for NS200.

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NS 200 BJ-402 | New Rear Rack for Soft Bags and Top Box, It meets all kinds of rider needs, the unique design from a skilled hand gives an original look no different from the original parts.

Perfectly fits with existing mounting parts. Material grade and size were selected based on the load and volume of the SIRA Top Box.

Powder-coated paint suitable for exposed weather, Pillion raider’s comfort and safety are considered as a high priority in the design process itself.

No additional accessories required,  fitted with existing original 4 bolts  | Total weight 2.8 kg

Note:  Recommended carrying capacity  5 to  8 kg on stable road condition, strictly not advised for additional pillions.

The installation process can be completed  at home with simple tools -13 mm spanner  in DIY  method (Do It Your self)

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Weight 1.3 kg


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