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S2-678 is from Italian design, the use of new materials refined box.

Product Feature:

The total volume of the hard case 28L /carrying capacity 3 to 5 kg (Good road condition)

One L size or Two Half-Face S size helmets can be stored in.

Rainproof and Easy locking system comes with two keys.

How to fix the top box on the base plate:

1) Key open position

2) Slide in the two slotted holes with base plate stud

3) One simple press with the key open position on the baseplate. (Without key can’t fix the box)

How to detach the box from the base plate:

 1) Key open position

 2) Press the Red button right below the keyhole

 3) Gently lift the box and slide back to remove (Without key can’t remove the box)

Comes with a backrest, cushion made out of hard rubber material, comfortable for the pillion rider.

30% of the Rear-view covered with a self-reflector, makes the night ride safer.

Also, it can be used as a carrying case.

Available color: Black matte finishing.

Size: 424*415*296 mm

Net weight: 3.3 kg




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Weight 3.3 kg


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