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Top Motorcycle Touring accessories you can buy under 5000INR

Motorcyclists are a different breed of people. They don’t like being caged in a cement box rather wander around blending with the spirits of nature. Touring on a motorcycle is fun for some, relaxing for some, euphoric for some and a therapy for some. Only those who do it can experience it.

But touring can be taxing at times, testing your physical and mental capabilities. People on a Odyssey will understand the pain under the epiphany.

Thanks to the manufacturers who understand the passion and manufacture touring accessories that make your journeys safe and comfortable [coughs”Brand slogan”]

With the surge in demand over the past few years, touring accessories don’t burn your pocket anymore. You can get started with a vary of items that costs you less than 5000 bucks.

Here are some of the top accessories you can buy without burning a big hole in your pocket.

Top Box or Pannier Box

One of the most not so fancy part about touring is loading and unloading your luggage every time you step down and step back on your bike.

Bungee chords are effective but they come with the risk of breaking out and the process of using them is clumsy. Having a number or rucksacks and backpacks makes it too heavy and too many for a simple trip.

Top Boxes are easier to use and you can just remove them from the rack and again place it back with ease. They are resistant to rain and extreme weather conditions, that you don’t need an additional round off with rain covers over them.

One of the best travel companions that gets the job done quietly. You can buy these top boxes online and we have a variety if you are interested starting at just INR3200.

Mobile Holder

“The route less travelled is where the real adventure begins” – but Google maps needs to be your constant support throughout the journey.

Needless to emphasize the importance of Google maps through your journey. The Mobile holder with a charger will help you have a constant look on the go.

You can get those after markets at around INR500 and the branded ones will cost your around 1400 Rupees.

Saddle Bags

If you are riding with a pillion, you would know the benefit of having a saddle bag on your rear instead of a regular rucksack. They are handy, easy to remove and gel well with the shape of your bike.

You can get them on both bag and box versions. Just like top boxes, saddle bags are easier to load and unload and help you carry a lot of luggage as well.

Make sure you look for rain proof options to serve you in different climate conditions.

Puncture kit/ Tyre Inflator

There is nothing worse than a puncture or a bad air pressure in the middle of a highway or in the midst of a dense off-road trail. It is always good to have the basic skill set of fixing a bike and managing a puncture.

Things like a puncture kit or a Tyre inflator will be a savior in those times for you. Nowadays, they are compact and easy to carry. Plus, they don’t cause a huge amount of money but sure deliver some great value.

Add this to your next touring checklist without fail. The price range of the same is around 1200-3000INR

Tank Bags

If you are buying your first luggage accessory, this should definitely be on your list. The most compact luggage carrier that helps you carry your necessities for a quick morning ride or a short ride and to even your every day city usage too!

They come with magnetic flaps that can be easily attached to your tank if they are metallic and for non metallic tanks, you can simply use the cables to tie it around.

They come in different sizes and the bigger ones can suffice for a two day trip.

The price range of the same is around 2500-4000INR.

These items shall give you a good head start on your touring accessories, there are always more you can add on to the above list.

Some of them include

  • Auxiliary lights or Fog Lamps
  • Rear Racks
  • Chain Lube kits
  • Crash guards
  • Knuckle guards
  • Rear seat rest
  • and more

Go one at a time and build your ultimate touring set-up over the long run.

On any day, prioritize your safety gears over the touring accessories. When it comes to munching miles, safety is always our top priority.

Happy riding folks!

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